My main instrument is the accordion. I do compose for the accordion, play accordion in a band and perform solo with the accordion. This page collects a few of the activities in no particular order.

The composition “LA Tango” refers to my new Hometown: Landshut.
Composed & performed by Markus Mayer
Thanks to my colleagues at Arri to make this video happen!

Technical Lead: Andreas Berkl
Director on Set: Thomas Gottschalk
Cameras: Gregor Baumert, Andreas Berkl, Thomas Gottschalk
Audio & Cut: Markus Mayer
Assistant: Simon Pott

Kitchen Recordings
I recorded some traditionals and own songs in my kitchen. All tracks are downloadable from Soundcloud.

The setlist is:

  • Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (Traditional)
  • Jodler (Traditional)
  • Heimat (Markus Mayer)
  • LA Tango (Markus Mayer)

  • My band in Landshut are the “Prima Stadtmusikanten”. We play Swing & Latin music with Saxophone, Accordion, Guitar and Bass. Head over to the bands page for more information!

    Sabine Lackner and I formed an accordion duo in 2014. Recordings and further information will be added to the page soon!

    Duo Sabine Lackner and Markus Mayer